IIIAE 2016

********* Honorable Mention*********

(1) "Evaluation of crack repair effect for RC slab using AE tomography"
     N. Okude, T. Shiotani, T. Nishida and S. Furuno

(2) "Experimental observation of ultrasonic wave propagation in 3D-printed CFRP"
     T. Ashizawa, Y. Mizutani, N. Toyama, A. Todoroki and Y. Suzuki

(3) "Acoustic emission monitoring of timber beams strengthened with carbon fiber          composite"
     F. J. Rescalvo, Y. Mizutani, C. Abarkane, E. Suarez and A. Gallego

(4) "Damage diagnostic and lifetime estimation for composite material with                    acoustic emission: Interests and limitations"
    N. Godin, P. Reynaud, C. Fusco and G. Fantozzi

********* Paper Award *********

(1) "Wireless AE measurement during friction stir welding of flame-resistant
     magnesium alloy"
     K. Takahashi, T. Shiraiwa, M Enoki, K. Ito and E. Yukutake

(2) "Numerical simulation of wave propagation in masonry for acoustic emission
    G. Livitsanos, N. Shetty, E. Verstrynge, M. Wevers, D. Van Hemelrijck
   and D. G. Aggelis

(3) "Evaluation of fatigue damage process in a CFRP plate with a self-organizing
     map for AE waveform"
     Y. Nakai, K. Nishimiya and H. Cho

********* Kisihnouye Award *********

Dr. Sotirios J. Vahaviolos

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of acoustic emission   through his pioneering research works on AE science and engineering as well as establishment of world-known NDT company namely MISTRAS Groups, listed in NYSE.