IIIAE 2016

The Paper, Program & Award Committee of IIIAE 2016 selected following awards as distinguished papers from the submitted papers.

*** IAES Paper Award *********

“Elastic Wave Measurement Using a MEMS AE Sensor ”,
authored by T. Omori, T. Usui, K. Watabe, M. D. Nguyen, K. Matsumoto & I. Shimoyama, Japan.

“Acoustic Emission Analysis for Identification of Damage Mechanisms in Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composites and Structural Integrity Assessment: Selected Examples and Challenges”,
authored by A. J. Brunner, Switzerland.

*** IIIAE Paper Award *********

“Monitoring of Crack Growth in Masonry with Acoustic Emission and Fibre Optic Sensors”,
authored by E. Verstrynge & M. Wevers, Belgium.

“Identification of Similar Seismic Events using Phase-only Correlation Technique”,
authored by H. Moriya, Japan.

*** IIIAE Prominent Paper Award *********

"Detection of Elastic Waveform Parameter to Evaluate Deterioration of Concrete"
authored by T. Watanabe, Y. Yamaguchi, N. Mori, C. Hashimoto & T. Shiotani, Japan

"Localization of Acoustic Emission Sources in Complex Three Dimensional Fiber Composites Using Artificial Neural Networks"
authored by S. Kalafat, M. Bornschlegl, & M. G. R. Sause, Germany

"A Basic Study of an Elastic-wave Based Inspection Technique for Evaluating Rebar-concrete Interface Conditions"
authored by N. Okude, T. Nishida & T. Shiotani, Japan

"Study of the Acoustic Emission Method by Tensile Test of the CFRP Specimen"
authored by M. Takizawa, H. Kawasaki, S. Oomori & T. Sasaki, Japan

"Development of an Internal Concrete Damage Evaluation Technique for Steel Plate-bonded Slabs"
authored by N. Ogura, H. Yatsumoto, T. Nishida & T. Shiotani, Japan

"Measuring of Impact Force by Sensor Integrated Protector for KARATE"
authored by Y. Mizutani, K. Kokubo, K. Sato, G. Taga, T. Ashizawa, I. Suzuki, M. Kudaka & A, Kuroda, Japan

Also the excellent oral presentation, poster presentation, and technical exhibition were selected by the score of voting of session chair or participants as follows;

*** IIIAE Technical Exhibition Award *********
NMEMS Technology Research Organization

*** IIIAE Outstanding Poster Presentation Award *********
“Monitoring of Debondings in Timber Beams Reinforced with Using Acoustic Emission Technique”
authored by F. J. Rescalvo, I. Valverde-Palacios, E. Suarez and A.Gallego

*** IIIAE Outstanding Oral Presentation Award *********
“Acoustic Emission and Damage Evolution at mean Temperature under Air of a SiC/ [Si-B-C] Composite Subjected to Cyclic and Static Loading: Towards Lifetime Prediction”
Dr. N. Godin
Co-authored by E. Racle, P. Reynaud, M. Rmili, and G. Fantozzi

“A Study on AE Signals during Micro Cutting by In Situ Observation of Metal Cutting”
Dr. A. Hase

“Amplitude of AE Propagating in Laminated FRP Plates”
Dr. Y. Mizutani
Co-authored by T. Miki, Y. Suzuki, and A. Todoroki.

*** JSNDI Outstanding Oral Presentation Award *********
“Evaluation of Grouting Condition of Post-tensioned Concrete by using Spectral Ratio”
Mr. S. Nagase
Co-authored by T. Shiotani, T. Nishida, H. Asaue, and A. Sagradyan