IIIAE 2016

President of IIIAE
Prof. Teruo KISHI

Dear Colleague

Welcome to IIIAE 2016. It is my great pleasure to have you here in Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. The honor to be the first president of IIIAE, jointing the global AE activities lead by AEWG, EWGAE, and R&T Committee on AE of JSNDI, is beyond any words. I actually was strongly involved in fundamental studies of AE from metallic, ceramic, and composite materials in ‘70s and ‘80s when I was with the University of Tokyo. I miss those exciting days I spent with my students, challenging new research projects. I am sure that this very first conference will give us a great opportunity to learn and share the most advanced achievements of the recent AE studies and applications. Kyoto is a very attractive and unique old city, presenting traditional Japanese cultures. I hope that you will enjoy not only the conference but also the cultural air which this distinguished city offers you.


Program Chair
Prof. Tomoki SHIOTANI


It’s my great honor to serve as a program and local chair of the inauguration conference of IIIAE, International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission. Also as one of the founders of IIIAE, I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to co-founders, Prof. Ono, Prof. Hamstad, Mr. Vallen, Mr. Tschelisnig and Prof. Wakayama. Looking back, although worldwide society on acoustic emission had been proposed in 2008 IAES Kyoto, we could not realize the united body at that time due to a large discrepancy of ideas on society as well as conferences among three world-leading parties of RTCAE of JSNDI, AEWG of USA, and EWGAE of Europe. The wave of establishing the body has again proposed in 53rd AEWG meeting in Denver, CO, USA in 2011 and started discussing to hold the united conference of those three parties. In parallel to the period of discussion, various ideas or sometimes objections have been arisen, however, we could finally reach to this historical moment, establishment of IIIAE as well as holding the inauguration conference in my base, Kyoto in Japan. I have a confidence that you would experience so many first issues during this event in the AE history. Please do not miss this event as beautiful and exotic city Kyoto will be waiting for your valuable visit.