IIIAE 2016

Prof. Yozo FUJINO
Emeritus Professor the University of Tokyo
Distinguished Professor, Yokohama National University
Program Director (Infrastructure)
Strategic Innovation Program, Council of Science,
Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office

Title of Keynote Presentation:
A New R&D program "Infrastructure maintenance, renovation and management" in Japan for Innovation in Infrastructure Maintenance and Management
Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang
Professor, Stanford University
Editor-in-Chief, Int. J. of Structural Health Monitoring
Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Founder of IWSHM

Title of Keynote Presentation:
Design of Autonomous System with Self-State Awareness and High Mobility
Prof. Masayasu Ohtsu
Emeritus Professor of Kumamoto University
Specially Appointed Professor of Kyoto University
Senior Editor, Int. J. of Construction and Building Materials

Title of Keynote Presentation:
Development of AE Measurements in Concrete and Evolutional Applications